"...in the context of love..."


Our approach to healing at Reconciliation Services begins with relationship. In the context of love and community, we begin to break down barriers to mental health support so that those who would otherwise go untreated can get the help they need. That's why we call it "Stealth Mental Health." We provide evidence-based, clinical support under the direction of our licensed clinical social worker, offering individual and group therapy and intensive case management for our neighbors struggling with depression and trauma.

Many of our clients suffer from various combinations of mental illness, lack of education, unemployment or underemployment, housing instability, and social isolation. They mirror the results of studies that show rates of depression and PTSD found in poor, high-risk urban populations in the U.S. are as high as in returning veterans. Those caught in the intergenerational cycle of poverty are at an even higher risk of "major depressive disorder." That's why this is such a vital part of our Continuum of Care. Simply meeting the immediate material needs of some clients isn't enough to move them towards long-term stability or physical health and healing. We have to walk with them, listen to them, help them reveal their strength.  


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