“I was the only deaf student.”


When Jorge left the National School for the Deaf in Mexico City at the age of 13, he was looking forward to going to art school so he could work on his craft. “I was the only deaf student,” he recalled. “I refused to give up!” Jorge is shy about his art, but his creative gift is evident. His deafness doesn’t keep him from sharing his talent with the community.

Jorge is a regular at Thelma’s Kitchen, Reconciliation Services’ Donate-What-You-Can Community Cafe. He lives in the neighborhood and was drawn in by the promise of affordable and good food. He keeps coming back because he has also found new friends, a vibrant community life, and a place where his talents and his strengths are celebrated.

RS has several meaningful PROGRAMS, but our first act is always as neighbor. When we share our time, our talents, and our strengths, the whole community benefits!


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