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Getting an ID can help people take crucial first steps towards self-sufficiency. Without it, you can’t get food assistance, apply for a job or housing, secure healthcare, enroll kids in school, visit a sick child in the hospital, get a library card, or even vote.

Recently a man came to RS who desperately wanted to work but didn’t have the ID required to complete a job application. He had so much he wanted to be … but without his ID he was trapped. He had been living out of his car, trying to start over again. But when his car was stolen so was nearly everything he owned, including his ID.

I wanted to get a decent job but to do that I needed an ID and a permanent address...I thought there’s got to be a way through this and discovered RS!
— Ken's ID Story

An ID may only cost around $10, but the catch-22 is that most of our clients also need the required $15 birth certificate to get that ID. So, it can take $25 to get an ID. That’s money many struggling to survive simply don’t have.

The RS “I’D BE Campaign” helped over 800 people secure IDs in 2016, ensuring they can take that first step towards self-sufficiency. Your generous gifts enable caring RS staff to evaluate needs, work together with clients to navigate the complicated application process, secure needed documentation, and provide a voucher to pay for their IDs.

Join the I’D BE Campaign today and sponsor someone’s chance to be ... employed, educated, housed, healthy, involved.

Learn more below about how the RS IDs program works and the challenges people face in securing an ID.