"I'm a part of something."


Donald will tell you that he had a good life growing up. His father and uncle were both successful blues singers and he didn't want for anything. However, he made bad choices in his early forties and he lost everything. Homeless and at rock bottom, he knew that he was meant for something better. 

Donald came to Reconciliation Services and began participating in the Men's Support Group. That connection, that sharing of strengths and struggles, reminded him that he was not alone. He was a part of something. Now as a volunteer at RS, Donald is a welcoming and positive presence in the RS Cafe. He shares by his example that we can always choose to do better. 

At RS, we see the power of learning from one another, from the struggles and the successes. When you give of your time, talents and treasure, you help make it possible for us to offer individual trauma and depression therapy and support groups to men and women in the community. You are a part of something too!


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