“My life … I don’t consider it a sob story.”


“I’ve had a rough life,” Angela said. “When I was at my worst in my addiction I was afraid I would die like that, but I was even more afraid that I was going to live like that forever. I didn’t know any other way to live”

Angela first came to Reconciliation Services to do her five week Culinary Cornerstones internship at Thelma’s Kitchen. Now she is the Kitchen Assistant at Thelma’s! Her past may be one of trauma and addiction, but her future is wide open and for the first time in a long time she says she has clarity.

At Reconciliation Services, we strive daily in our interactions with our neighbors, guests, clients, interns, and volunteers, to see their strength. Sometimes strength is hidden beneath years of struggle, addiction, or trauma, but we believe it is there waiting to be revealed. Everyone has a “victory” story waiting to be written!

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