How did you come to know about Reconciliation Services? RS held a job fair for Resolve Staffing. I was hired and started working for them as a cashier at the Kansas City Royals. One day a girl on staff picked a fight with me on the stand. I stayed calm and my supervisor liked the way I handled the conflict so she recommended me to my boss, Fr. Chris Rowe for promotion. We talked and he offered me a job as ‘On-site Rep.’ I said “Thank you, I’d like that!"

I like to challenge myself and I’m always thinking of better ways to do things, so I came up with a new form and a powerpoint to help get new staff orientated. Fr. Chris said, "Tamekia, you have a gift to see the big picture and what needs to be done and you understand process." I was very excited when he put my ideas into place! 

Within a few weeks Fr. Chris offered me the job of Office Manager for Resolve Staffing. Of course I said, “Yes,” and now I work 40 plus hours a week for them. I hire new staff and help them to get their Food Handlers License. I also run trainings twice a week, help new staff to get connected to the online schedule so they can see what openings we have and I log everyone into the computer to make sure their paperwork is completed. It’s really cool, I get to drive my workers to the job and we get to know each other. We all click and we’re a team. I love it!

What do you love about working for Resolve? I especially like Fr. Chris as a Boss. He’s fun, laid back and easy to talk to. He’s very supportive and he knows how to talk to people and that’s a good thing in a boss. He gives me a lot of freedom. I give him my ideas, or he shows me how to do something and then he let’s me do it. He gives me lot of room but he’s always there when I need him and that gives me a sense of safety. 

Tell me about your background. I don’t remember very much up until the age of 6. I only know what my family have told me - it’s a long complicated story. I do know my mom was only 13 when she had me. My sister came along 3 years later when mom was 16. I remember we had a Foster Mom and we called her “Momma P.” We still talk to her today and go over to her house at Christmas. When I was 6, my sister and me were adopted and we went to live with our new family in Omaha. We had another sister, but she was adopted into a different family. 

I lived in Omaha until I was 18. Then, in 2013 I returned to Kansas City where I was born, to meet my real mom. Later I came back again to see my little brothers and sisters that she got to keep. I wanted to be involved in their life so I decided to move permanently to KC. I go back to Omaha regularly to see my family. My sister is still there with our adopted Mom and Dad. They love to see my daughter Myla who was born in October 2015.

What are your dreams? I love art and I’m studying Graphic Design on-line with Pittsburgh University. I want to be a business owner and an entrepreneur. For the Christmas season in 2016, I organized a bunch of people to make Christmas jars and decorate them. We went to the Plaza and sold them. It was a way for my friends and family to make money the ‘right way.’ We made $700 over two weekends. Then in February 2016, we made Valentine baskets and jars and sold those too. It’s fun helping people to see they can make stuff and go out and sell it to make legitimate money!

Until I start my own business I’d like to continue taking on more responsibility with Resolve Staffing and get more experience. Fr. Chris jokes with me and says, “the best way to get promotion is to do your boss’s job.” He’s the Operations Director, so I guess he is open to me gaining enough experience to do just that! How cool would that be?

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Story: Lyn Morse-Brown
Photos: Tom Morse-Brown