RS Social Ventures

Many people coming through programs at Reconciliation Services struggle to find work. Even after obtaining IDs and completing skills training, organizations and businesses may not employ our clients because of a lack of education, experience, or other issues. Without opportunities for meaningful and consistent employment, it is impossible for our clients to become self sufficient and find dignity, strength and the solutions they need to succeed.

Our vision is to create jobs and sustainable work, stimulating the local economy and providing solutions for people to build vibrant community.

That's why we developed RS Social Ventures, Inc., a for‐profit C-Corp wholly owned subsidiary of Reconciliation Services. RS Social Ventures has two main objectives:

  1. To provide living wage employment opportunities and meaningful work for individuals completing RS programs and for those living in the community
  2. To provide an ongoing source of revenue for RS nonprofit social services

Such social ventures are essential to securing non-profit sustainability in the years ahead and critical for building community wealth to lift families out of poverty. The pilot program has already provided work for more than 280 people! There will be much more to share about this venture as we further our preparations for a more comprehensive launch. Stay tuned!