Social Ventures

Many people coming through programs at Reconciliation Services are unable to find work. Even after obtaining IDs and completing skills training, many organizations and businesses may not employ our clients because of a lack of education, experience, or other issues. Without opportunities for meaningful work and sustainable employment, it is impossible for our clients to continue to become self sufficient and find dignity, strength and the solutions they need to build vibrant community together.

Our vision is to develop many thriving businesses around the Troost corridor creating jobs and sustainable work, stimulating the local economy and providing solutions for people to build vibrant community.

Very soon we will be launching Resolve KC which will be the parent brand for other Resolve Businesses. To date through our pilot programming we have

  • signed up and interviewd 228 people
  • employed 98 individuals since April 3rd in contract packaging roles and serving at Royals games

The majority of our active employees live in the urban core and 1/5th of them are from 64109, our primary zip code. Through social venturing we are promoting self-sufficiency in the lives of RS clients and others within the Troost community. will be online soon. Add your name to our mailing list 'Venerate' on the home page to receive updates.