"For those we've come to know as neighbors and friends..."


At Reconciliation Services we are learning that true reconciliation comes through building deep relationships and offering sincere care and a trusted commitment to walk with our neighbors, especially those in need. Whether people come to us seeking ID/Document assistance, Medicine Cabinet aid, Rent/Utilities help, trauma therapy, or just a warm refuge from the cold and a hot meal, they are all our neighbors, our friends.

When you give of your time, talent, and treasure, you enter in with us as we strive to reveal strength in this community. You help put an ID in the hands of a single mom so she can get her kids enrolled in school. You help make possible a safe place for life-altering moments of healing to occur in group therapy. You help someone in pain and discomfort get the diabetic shoes he needs so he can continue to work. You help feed and keep warm hundreds of people every week. This is the work of reconciliation at its best--neighbor caring for neighbor, sharing what we have so that others may thrive.

Here's a look at some of what you helped make possible this year at Reconciliation Services: 

  • 20,000 Friday Night Community Meals served

  • 1,000 people received $200,000+ in dental/medical supplies in partnership with the KC Medicine Cabinet

  • 1,400 documents and IDs secured

  • 300 people received $124,000 in rent/utilities assistance

  • 5,000 hours of case management

  • 97 men and women received 1,700 hours of trauma therapy

  • 258 at-risk youth mentored through the RS Foster Grandparents Program 


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