What We Do

In our effort to reveal the hidden strength of our community, RS runs a variety of strengths-based programs that work to develop relationships with everyone that walks through our doors. Instead of focusing only on our clients’ needs and problems, RS seeks to cultivate every strength and every resource available to our clients so that they might be equipped to build their community with dignity and friendship.

Friday Night Meal

Friday Night Meal

Emergency Services

RS provides a multitude of resources targeted at meeting our clients’ immediate needs. RS functions as the “safety net to the safety net” and focuses on serving those individuals that have fallen through the cracks of other social service institutions. RS couples Emergency Services with case management in order to help our clients identify their strengths and resources and strategically plan to achieve self-sufficiency. Our Emergency Services include:

Professional Case Management - One-on-one time with a caseworker offered to RS clients to assist in assessing needs, strengths and actionable strategies for working towards personal goals.

Rent and Utilities Assistance - Offered to qualifying RS clients at risk for having power disconnected or being evicted. This program is made possible by funds through the Housing Resource Commission.

KC Medicine Cabinet - Offered by appointment and provides clients with needed medicinal supplements provided by funds through the KC Medicine Cabinet.

Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry - Offered on Monday afternoons to clients that have been turned away by other programs.

Shelter + Care Case Management - RS caseworkers work with clients to improve their living situation by finding available resources.

Friday Night Community Meals - Offered every week and open to the surrounding community. The meal is served “restaurant-style” by our partner churches and organizations.


Document and ID Assistance

Document and ID Assistance


There are many barriers that make the transition from an emergency situation to self-sufficiency difficult for RS clients. Self-Sufficiency Services provide RS clients with the skills and tools needed in order to contribute to the emerging community in the Troost corridor. From practical resources like birth certificates or state-IDs to healthy mental coping strategies, the RS Self-Sufficiency Services equip individuals with invaluable assets.

Document and ID Assistance - Offered by appointment to clients in need of a birth certificate or state ID. Clients receiving document assistance are required to participate in the RS Digital Survival class.

Free Internet Cafe & Computing Lab - Open twice a week, the RS Internet Cafe is the only free wifi spot on Troost open to the public. Through the cafe, RS clients are able to apply for jobs, create a resume and pay bills online.

Digital Survival Classes - Offered twice a week, the Digital Survival Classes provide RS clients with valuable tools and knowledge essential for navigating the modern digital world. Classes include education in basic computer skills, strategies for safely navigating the internet and resume building.

Self-Sufficiency Workshops - The Internet Cafe is forum for partner organizations to host workshops structured around monthly community-building themes that promote Self-Sufficiency and education.

SnAP (Strength eNergy & Power) Group Therapy - The SnAP women’s group meets weekly and offers women a safe setting to discuss struggles, offers mutual support and useful strategies for emotional health. The SnAP group is run and moderated by a MSW staff member.

Individual Therapy - In addition to Group Therapy, women that have participated in the SnAP group are offered professional individual therapy to discuss life challenges in a more private setting.


RS Foster Grandparents Program

RS Foster Grandparents Program


In addition to meeting the immediate needs of individual clients, RS seeks to reveal the strength of the wider community through long-term economic solutions. The RS Economic Community Building Services act to both develop relationships and open employment opportunities for the community.

KC Foster Grandparents Program - RS partners with the national Foster Grandparents Program to connect senior citizens with volunteer opportunities serving as a tutor for hundreds of elementary students in the Kansas City area.

Digital Reconciliation Community WiFi Project - RS has partnered with Connecting for Good and UNI in an ongoing project to connect the community east of Troost with crucial digital resources.

RS Social Ventures - RS seeks to provide RS clients with professional experience and job opportunities in order to foster self-sufficiency and economic enrichment.


Monday - Thursday: 9:00am to 1:00pm; 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Friday: 11:00am to 1:00pm; 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Friday Night Meal
Friday 5:00pm - 7:00pm



Reconciliation Services is located at
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