Tammy & Jim

Tammy tell me a bit about you and Jim and how you got connected with Reconciliation Services. Well we have two cats that we both adore. We love nature and like to get out and explore and, we especially like rock collecting! We got connected with RS because of my health situation. I had been experiencing abnormal heart rhythms—rapid and irregular beating—and it had become pretty constant. I was admitted to hospital and they diagnosed Atrial Fibrillation and other health problems. We left the hospital with six prescriptions but we couldn’t afford to fill them! Four days later we discovered RS Emergency Services and they helped me to get five of the six prescriptions filled. We didn’t know that there was such a place! To us it was a miracle and we are both really thankful that it was an option for us. 

Jim is there anything you would like to say? Only that it’s important work that RS do and I’m very thankful they’re there. They’ve been there for years apparently. People need to know that they’re there and that they offer emergency services. We all need emergency help at times, right?

Absolutely right! We do. My next door neighbor was rushed to ICU recently with failed kidneys! Tammy, would you like to add anything more? Just that the Emergency Services provided by RS probably saved my life and I feel extremely grateful!

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Story: Lyn Morse-Brown
Photo credit: Kevin Bryce