Tell me what you know about Sonny. RS: We got a call from an outreach worker one day saying that they knew a man who had been living on the street in a tent for ten years and his name was Sonny. The story we learned about Sonny was that ten years previously he had lost his job and his wife had walked away from him taking their children with her. He went to his Mom for help and even she rejected him. 

Sonny: I mean, when nobody wants you, what you gonna do? What you gonna say? …"I mean I'm strong, I’m a survivor, I’ll make it." 

RS: That's what Sonny said! That’s what most of us would say, right? In all honesty what happened to Sonny could happen to any of us. We decided to offer Sonny a Case Worker to talk about his needs.

Sonny what inspired you to work with a Case Worker? I was very skeptical at first but when I spoke to the representative from RS I felt at ease. They were very gentle and respectful. I trusted them and started to open myself up to them. I had problems and found I could talk to them and they really listened ... I mean really listened! Before then I had no-one to talk to. No-one who was interested in me, that’s just how it was. I wasn’t mad or sad that’s just the way it was. I think this experience with RS made me a better person because I opened up to learn and I realized they wanted to learn from me. The things I’m learning, I’m using. I love RS. I didn’t know anything about them before but I love them!

By the grace of God RS helped me get my life on track again. I know that with their support I’m gonna be alright and if something is wrong they’ll let me know. I have full faith in them now. These guys are good!

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Story: Lyn Morse-Brown
Photo credit: Kevin Bryce