What was life like growing up? I was mostly raised by my grandparents. My mother has been in and out of jail her whole life so for me, growing up was tough. I went through a lot of trauma and rough stuff. I struggled to find stability on my own and survived like that into adult life. It was not good and I finally came to the conclusion that I needed help.

Is that when you found Reconciliation Services? Yeah. I went to their place on Troost and 31st Street, I had a look around and sat in their café. They had a flier on the table for their SNaP group therapy program which is about finding strength, energy and power. I thought I need some of that and went for it. I enrolled straight away!

What have you learned about yourself from your experience in SNaP? I’ve learned that I’m not alone. I met other women who were going through trauma and much worse stuff than me and it’s ok to ask for help. I used to think I had to make it on my own and get on with it, but in SNaP we helped each other. I’ve learned to talk more freely and openly and I’m more happy with myself. I’m coming to realize there’s more potential in me than the problems I’m facing and with good support I can succeed. The strength I’ve found since I completed SNaP is overwhelming. I’ve got a job now and I’m on my way. I just want to learn more and keep growing.

Getting started is often the hardest part. What’s your best advice to those who are struggling to get started? If you need help and really want to move forward, come in to Reconciliation Services. It’s like family. You’re accepted and respected no matter who you are or what your history is. For me it’s been a place of love, home really. I would also say: don’t be afraid to change and learn from your mistakes. Get good support and just go for it.

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Story: Lyn Morse-Brown
Photo credit: Kevin Bryce