Reflecting on the Year


Most of us know the pain of falling and bruising or worse, breaking something. Feelings of embarrassment or loss of dignity and vulnerability often follow. In gifting every person who comes to Reconciliation Services with the dignity and respect that we ourselves need when we are hurting, places us on a level playing field with our clients. This is a step forward on the road to our mutual healing. The many practical services that we provide with the generous help of our donors flow from the awareness of our own vulnerability and our desire for love from our fellow human beings. In partnering with us in our mission, you are helping us achieve our vision that those who come to 31st and Troost who have fallen through the cracks find dignity, strength and the solutions they need to build vibrant community together.

This year has been an amazing year of growth for RS in furthering our mission to build community by revealing the strength of those we serve, providing emergency services and promoting self-sufficiency. In 2014 our assets grew by 30%, new revenues by 10% and we helped 2,800 people receive emergency services! To increase our success even further in 2015, continued participation and collaboration between businesses, government bodies, non-governmental organizations and individuals like you is critical.

I want to thank all of our donors for your vital support and belief in our vision. We’ve been on an amazing journey together so far but the best part is just beginning. I look forward to seeing what we achieve in the coming year.

Fr Justin